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"I am so grateful to be here. This is the best workshop I have attended in my entire career."
~TM, Indianapolis.

"Your ability to present in such a way that we could receive the information without defensiveness is a blessing." more

"Her (Sue’s) message is invaluable, her presentation professional and riveting. Each attendee is enlightened and touched by her personal experience. Sue Mikolic transforms her audience into ambassadors for these students." more

"Her presentation is commensurate with other greats like Mel Levine and Ed Hallowell." more

"Thank you for one of the best workshops I have ever attended." more

"It is very rare that one presenter can hold a group from 9am-3pm without having them feel that perhaps a half day format would have been 3 o'clock it was far from feeling that we/you were done!" more

"Your delivery of Supporting Academic Success for Students with Mental Illness was an outstanding addition to the agenda." more

"The insight that I gained here will be greatly beneficial to my life as well as in teaching and dealing with children. The information is GREAT."

"Susan is a fantastic presenter. She is believable because she has is living with mental illness. I would LOVE to have more in-service time with her."

"It is so important to also hear the perspective of the family and to learn how mental illness stretches beyond the individual." more

Services for Educators

Stepping Stones provides consulting services for educators: regular education teachers, special education teachers, principals, nurses, administrators, guidance counsellors, school psychologists, school social workers, physical/occupation/speech therapists, transition coordinators, non-licensed staff and more.


Seminars help educators and other concerned parties understand the issues surrounding children with emotional disorders. The following seminars/workshop topics are available through Stepping Stones and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the attendees.

Upon request, certificates of attendance are provided for professional development contact hours. If needed, all documentation is provided for sponsors to obtain continuing education units or graduate credit.


    Sample content areas:
    • A glimpse into family life
    • Prevalence/current academic outcomes
    • Suicide
    • Climbing into the body of a child with a mental illness
    • The Energy Equation
    • Brain scans and EEG's revealing the changes in brain structure/functioning
    • A few transformational practical strategies that can be used tomorrow


    [NOTE: Requires SUPPORTING ACADEMIC SUCCESS FOR CHILDREN WITH MENTAL ILLNESS: Foundational Issues as a prerequisite]

    Sample content areas:

    • Goals for academic support plans for children with mental illness/emotional challenges
    • Common problems facing these children and associates strategies: sleepiness, reduced focus, acting out behaviour, writing fatigue, frustration
    • Other issues such as least restrictive environment, length of school day, alternative placements, truancy, teacher selection
    • Communication strategies/forms for school & family communication

  • MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSES: Diagnoses/symptoms & treatment strategies (3 - 4 hours)

    Sample content areas:

    • Specific diagnoses: how to identify the disorder and current treatment strategies: Attention Deficit Disorder, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and others
    • Identification and treatment are discussed in terms of school impact, such as:
      • What does "bipolar disorder" mean and what does it look like…especially what does it look like in the classroom?
      • How is it treated and how does their treatment affect their education?
      • If I see that a child is on "Risperdal" what information does that tell me about what the child might be struggling with in their life and in the classroom?

  • SIMULATIONS of typical school scenarios unsupported & supported (1 hour)

    Sample content areas:

    • Simulations of: a child refusing to do work, a child taking notes, a child copying assignments from the board.
    • Simulations are first run as typically occurring in the classroom and then rerun with supports.

  • CASE STUDIES: Problems with Solutions (1.5 - 2 hours)

    • Attendess offer specific situations of concern and strategies are offered.

  • SPECIAL EDUCATION RIGHTS: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA)

    • Eligibility
    • IEP's and other plans
    • Procedural safeguards

  • BUILDING A PLAN TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: Developing a Red Light Plan for Stress Control (2.5 - 4 hour)

    Sample content areas:

    • How our family achieved wellness and peace
    • The Red Light Plan approach
    • Brainstorming session for the group to suggest additional options
    • Building your own personal Red Light Plan

    Having now built your own Red Light Plan you now have a process to teach your students how to build their Red Light Plan. Every human being should have their own Red Light Plan!


Annual contracts are available and recommended for individual schools or school districts. A combination of the above services can be provided to school administrators, families, and students on an ongoing and as-needed basis. This ensures that education is implemented into daily practice by providing multiple avenues of ongoing support.

Typical implementation support contracts often include the following components:

  • Foundational education to all staff via summer programming, professional development days, education during staff lunch, and other strategies
  • Intensive training to key resource staff
  • Site visits to classrooms for observation and recommendations
  • Presentations, questions/answer time with students
  • Presentations, question/answer time with parents
  • Presentations to administrative staff and board of education
  • Presentation time on how to take care of yourself when you are taking care of such challenging children
  • Open question/answer time with specific staff via appointments, drop-in times, etc.
  • Services regarding specific students: observation, meet with student, meet with the parents and student, attend IEP meeting, home visits.
  • Written reports of findings, recommendations
  • Fall planning recommendations
  • Phone consultation


Private and confidential consultations are available by appointment:

  • Individual case consultation and discussions.
  • Support program development.
  • Recommendations regarding Individualized Education Plans, 504 Plans, Intervention Assistance Team Plans.
  • Phone consultations for immediate guidance.
Email 216-513-6098

The information provided on is intended for it's users general information and education. Stepping Stones does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information available from this site. It is not intended to constitute individualized medical, legal, or educational advice or to substitute for any advice specific to your circumstance. It is for information and educational purposes only. It may not reflect current developments in your geographical area. It does not represent or imply any recommendation.

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