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Susan Mikolic, RN, Wellness Speaker
Susan Mikolic, RN
Wellness Speaker

Susan Mikolic, R.N., is an expert on recovery and thriving. She developed the strategies in the “Energy Equation” while traveling a long journey of personal and family challenges.

Research Study Result:
Based on these results obtained from this preliminary study, Stepping Stones Wellness Program, combined with The Energy Equation System appeared to be an effective therapy for employee burnout or other energy-depleting health issue." full report

Research Study Result:
Participants in this study documented a number of benefits from attending the workshop including: peace, energy, balance, health/wellness, and joy/happiness. full report

Research Study Result:
The principle that the participants wanted to improve the most…was peace and balance & all reported that the most improved principle was peace and balance." full report

Research Study Result:
“Overwhelmingly…. participants expressed the belief that Stepping Stones’ Wellness Program had greatly improved their energy, peace, health/wellness, joy/happiness, and balance levels.” full report

What Others Say

"My daughter is in the 3rd grade. She has developmental delays which are generally only identifiable after spending time with her and 'seeing her in action'. Her syndrome, however, has rendered her with significantly low muscle tone and obesity. It was the night of the 3rd grade spring music concert. There she was - front and center, sticking out like a sore thumb.

As the concert began, she was quite engaged and appropriate. After about 2 songs, she became restless. She was stepping out of her place, “dancing” to the music, turning around to see her classmates, using self-talk etc. And there I was, scanning the crowd in a panic, wondering how many parents were distracted by her display. I began, from the back of the room, to give her cues: rotating my finger clockwise to encourage her to turn face forward, hands at my side, “still body” cues, etc.

After unsuccessful attempts, and increased panic, I decided I needed to go to the front of the stage on the floor for more direct instruction. I slid on the floor to the front of the stage and began to provide a more direct approach. When the concert was over, I was exhausted! I couldn’t wait to get out of there! My daughter, however, found it necessary to go and greet the parents of her “friends” in her class. That took another ten minutes of an already excruciating evening.

We got in the car, and I had tears rolling down my face. I was once again grieving, this time, the loss of the “typical” experience of a school choral concert.

Then came my 'AHHH' moment.

As I began to pull away, with tears of disappointment running down my cheeks, my daughter said, 'Mom, did I do a good job? Thank you so much for taking me to my concert. I LOVED it and had so much fun.' Hmmm. Amazingly, this concert wasn’t about ME! It was HER concert – a chance for her to join her typical peers and perform all that they have worked so hard to learn and perfect. My tears of sadness quickly changed to tears of gratitude. Grateful for who she is and grateful for the privilege to experience the world and what is important through her eyes."

~Diane R.

  • “Saturday was wonderful. I enjoyed a sense of calm all weekend and will be continuing to incorporate these principals into my life.” ~Barb C.

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful Saturday! I can't even begin to tell you how much I learned and what a difference the knowledge has made. I'm hoping to put many things you discussed into play. ~Brenda O.

  • You have a way with words and a great attitude!!! GIFTS!!! ~Brenda O.

  • Thank you so much. I hope you know that meeting you and being able to hear you speak multiple times has truly changed my life. ~Diane R.

  • I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop on Saturday. I took advantage of the close proximity to the lake and went up to Mentor Headlands afterward. Then, I went again the next day. On Monday one of my co-workers asked what I had done - she said: What in the world did you do over the weekend? There's not one wrinkle on your face - you look incredible! ~ Deborah Neilly

  • One important message about Wellness, is the denial of each of us to admit our need for such help. Once you have the opportunity to visit with Susan Mikolic, of Stepping Stones Mental Health. You quickly learn no one is emotionally prepared for the challenges' facing the family on the needs of the family member needing guidance. Susan gives the guidance and support with compassion, feeling, experience, warmth, and personal interest dealing with these emotions. I would recommend to one and all, that compassionate listening is a special trait that Susan possesses, listening and hearing your pain is what gives Susan the ability to connect with you. Help is available thru Susan, I feel reenergized after each of our meetings. ~ Dick R.

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