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"How grateful we are for your in-depth presentation to our teachers and paraprofessionals on 'Supporting Academic Success in children with Mental Illness'." more

"I knew the minute I met Sue I could entrust her to represent my daughter's best interest." more

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May 29, 2005
Leon Bibb, Host of Kaleidoscope, WEWS-Cleveland, interviews Susan Mikolic of Stepping Stones about her personal experiences and professional programs to help children with emotional disturbances.

Susan is available for interviews and call-in shows on many topics,
including the following:

Concern: In the year 2020, childhood neuropsychiatric disorders will rise 50%, internationally, to become one of the five most common causes of morbidity, mortality, and disability among children. (World Health Organization, 2001)

Topic: What are some of the issues surrounding these statistics?

Concern: An average of 1 young person (ages 10-19) kills themselves every 2 hours/3 minutes (2002). It's the 3rd leading cause of death ages 10-14. The death rate for children ages 10-14 who die from leukemia is .9, ages 15-19, it is 1.1. The death rate for suicide is 1.3 for ages 10-14, and 7.9, ages 15-19, much higher than that of leukemia. We hear a lot about leukemia, but not a lot about mental illness and its effects. (National Cancer Institute, 1997-2001)

Topic: What are the warning signs of suicide in children?

Concern: Only 42% of children classified by schools as Emotionally Disturbed graduate. (National Longitudinal Transition Study of Special Education Students, 1994)

Topic: How can we help these children succeed?

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