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"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop on Saturday. I took advantage of the close proximity to the lake and went up to Mentor Headlands afterward. Then, I went again the next day. On Monday one of my co-workers asked what I had done - she said: What in the world did you do over the weekend? There's not one wrinkle on your face - you look incredible!" more

"Saturday was wonderful. I enjoyed a sense of calm all weekend and will be continuing to incorporate these principals into my life." more

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Based on these results obtained from this preliminary study, Stepping Stones Wellness Program, combined with The Energy Equation System appeared to be an effective therapy for employee burnout or other energy-depleting health issue." full report

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Susan Mikolic, RN

Susan Mikolic, R.N., Author, and President of Stepping Stones, is an expert on recovery and thriving. She developed the strategies in her “Energy Equation and Red Light Plan” while traveling the journey of mental illness with her family of four. All four family members had multiple medical and mental health disorders. As a result, insurmountable hospital and doctor bills resulted in the loss of their home and financial security. Susan had to resign from her position as nurse and devote all of her time to helping herself and her family get well.

Recovery was not an option -- it was a necessity -- and with recovery came an opportunity for growth and happiness.

Today, Susan’s oldest son, Matt, has graduated from high school, works, and is active as a mental health advocate at the state government level, and her son, Brian, is doing well on his way to graduation. The entire family has come a very long way, achieved a balance in their lives and a fullness in life. They are a “family” once again!

Susan eventually began her business, Stepping Stones, in order to teach others what she has learned about recovery and more importantly, how she and her family stay well and flourish.

You will find Susan to be a warm, energetic, and inspiring speaker who shares her personal trials and tribulations openly with audiences in order to help them live their life to the fullest. The principles of her Energy Equation enable people to open the door to a life that is free of stress and full of peace and tranquility. Listeners move from a world of darkness to light and walk away enlightened and forever changed.

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