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The Energy Equation

Creating positive transformation in every aspect of life

What is the Energy Equation System?

The Energy Equation System is a set of simple yet powerful strategies to move one from living in a 'negative Energy Equation' where one typically experiences life as draining, frustrating, and defeating, to living in a 'positive Energy Equation' where one experiences life as energizing, compelling, satisfying, and fun!

The Energy Equation holds at its core the belief that each of us has the power to create positive transformation in every aspect of our lives once we learn how to manage our own personal energy equation. The Energy Equation System provides the guidance you need to heal your body and your life, and begin living in peace, joy, wonder, and fulfillment!

The Energy Equation System is the personal plan for living developed by Susan Mikolic, RN. Susan created the Energy Equation as she sought health, hope and balance for herself and her family. (click here for Susan''s Story).

As Susan embraced each Principal of the Energy Equation, she experienced breathtaking transformations in her life. She also discovered that her relationships, her health, her stress levels and her passion for living were largely determined by the positive and negative energies levels flowing through her. Susan also established that being able to monitor and control the flow of her energies was critical to maintaining positive attitudes and her vitality for life.

Susan Mikolic, R.N.

Susan is now teaching others how to put the Energy Equation Principals, her principals, into practice so they too can experience joy, peace, health and abundant energy in all aspects of their lives.

  Learn how you can transform your life and live in peace, joy and balance. Attend an upcoming Energy Equation Experience Workshop. Click here.
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  Learn more about The Energy Equation Experience. Susan has created a series of educational and inspirational DVDs for you to enjoy anytime. Click here.
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