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"Thank you so much for a wonderful Saturday! I can't even begin to tell you how much I learned and what a difference the knowledge has made. I'm hoping to put many things you discussed into play." more

You have a way with words and a great attitude!!! GIFTS!!!" more

"I feel reenergized after each of our meetings." more

"I would recommend to one and all, that compassionate listening is a special trait that Susan possesses." more

Research Study Result:
“Overwhelmingly…. participants expressed the belief that Stepping Stones’ Wellness Program had greatly improved their energy, peace, health/wellness, joy/happiness, and balance levels.” full report

The Energy EquationTM System Principles

  1. Take Back Your Power
  2. Cover Your Basics
  3. Consume Consciously
  4. Believe in the Blessings
  5. Take Charge of Your Thoughts
  6. Conserve & Control Your Energy
  7. Monitor Your “Feelings Barometer”
  8. Listen & Follow
  9. Take it Slow
  10. Love & Let Go

Role of Stress

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